Cuba Lighthouses of Love

Lighthouses of Love Movement

A Lighthouse of Love is a beacon of light that shines in the darkest of places. Lighthouses are similar to church plants, and they can also include organizations and businesses. It is a movement that aims to raise up ambassadors of love, matured sons and daughters of God, who are equipped and released to disciple, bless, transform, and influence their spheres with the Gospel of the Kingdom and its values.

Currently, there are 104 Lighthouses in Cuba where the gospel is being preached on every street corner, and local needs are being met. They represent the family of Heaven and seek to establish God’s Kingdom on earth.

GMA has a goal to establish 1,000 Lighthouses of Love in the nations in the next 18 months, with a focus on Afghanistan, Cuba, and Pakistan.

Invest in Love, the one thing that changes everything.